Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back in business!

Thank you all for your prayers and support! My dad is still in ICU but hopefully we will be taking him home. Things were super scary for a little bit now but thankfully Pop decided to fight. It is going to be a long journey but at least we have a few more weeks to make memories.

Here are some pictures of orders from last week! I had a few orders done, and still loads to finish but I have my bow making stuff at the hospital and since there is nothing better to do, i find myself getting more done than previously thought.

So Nicole here are your bows! I hope you love them! Nicole is in my moms group and stopped me in the parking lot at our last meeting! She was so happy to find a bow maker close that she order 6 bows total! Somehow, i managed to let her first 2 bows get by without pictures but I hope you like the rest of your order! I'll see you at the October meeting Nicole!

Purple Everywhere! This is a fabulous bow with lots of variations of purple to match almost any outfit! A staple for any Bellabowz bow collection! $14

This one is a BIG bow (4 inchs across with loads of layers) but it can be made smaller too!
Extremely Red Bow! Another Bellabowz staple this is a fabulous red bow! Perfect for any outfit and even great for Christmas & Valentines! $14
Super cute one of a kind Candy corn Halloween bow!2 layers of fun this is for the petite candy corn princess! $12

Thanks Nicole for being patient! It will still be a little bit for be to get things back running smoothly but I've already taken 5 more orders and am getting things back on track!

Be on the look out for Holiday Madness!! I can't wait to release our Christmas Collection! If you think the Halloween bows are cute then the Christmas bows will be prefect for you!!

Monday, September 22, 2008



Currently Bellabowz is on hold until my dad is out of ICU. LIfe is precarious and at the moment we do not know for sure he will make it. Due this I will not be at home to get your orders filled. I will refund your money if you do not feel you can wait to get them, i completely understand.

I have several I made this weekend and those will go out but for the others it will be at least 3 days before I can get back here to make bows.

Thank you for your understanding.


P.S please say a prayer for Poppy and strength to fight. I will update my blog, on his progress.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

TUTU cute!

It seems like orders go in waves, one week 6 Aggie bows, the next 11 Halloween bows, and this week it has been tutu crazy! I've been working like a mad woman to get all the orders completed but i wanted to stop and post pictures of the fun tutus!

Kimberly S. here is your custom hot pink & black tutu with zebra bow! It turned out super cute!

Your complete order! Custom tutu $18 & Trick or Treat bow $14

What is better than one Bellabowz tutu? TWO!! This is a super fun tutu set for twin girls on their first birthday! I have to say that this order is special because it came from Kathleen, mom to K & N who are in Bella's playgroup!! Thanks Kathleen for your order, I hope you love the tutu's and I can't wait to see the girls in them at their party!
Hot pink tutu with candy dot bow $15, matching candy dot bow $8 or $10 attached to the headband!

And lastly, Nicole needed a tutu fast for her daughters first birthday pictures! She sent me this picture of a onsie she pictured for her daughter to wear and asked me to custom make a tutu!
And this is the tutu I made to go with it!
Hot pink sparkle tutu with pink/black polk a dot bow $ 18 ( sparkle tulle makes it more)

It turned out adorable and I can't wait to deliver it tomorrow!

That's right! If you live local I will deliver your order to you at no extra charge!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Crazy about Gymboree!

Robyn bought her daughter so many cute Gymboree things that Bella has clothes envy! She is my largest order to date and it was so fun to match bows to her outfits! I got to meet her and she trusted me with her kiddos clothes, it was super easy to make bows looking at all those adorable outfits! Robyn I hope you and Jenna love your bows as much as I enjoyed making them!!

M2M Tres Chic $12
M2M Cherry Baby $15

or $25 for the pair!! How cute are those shorts! Seriously!!

M2M Harvest Leaves $12 This is such a great bow for any fall outfit !!!
A piggy pair to match the Mountain Cabin line. Super cute 2 inch brown basic bows! $5

M2M Spring Rainbow $12

Another fun piggy pair. Basic orange $5

M2M Tropical Garden $15

M2M Piggy Pair $25
I really wish i would have got some of this line!! It is so so cute!!

M2M Tropical Garden $10
Another option for Tropical Garden!! How cute are these fish?

M2M Spring Rainbow $12

M2M Holland Days $ 12 or $20 for the pairM2M Holland Days...another all red option $12

This order was too cute to not post! I am working to get every order filled but with over 35 orders in the last 2 weeks it has been bow crazy! Today is Tuesday and another 8 piled in so Bellabowz is in a bow making frenzy!! I'm super excited at some of the upcoming custom bows so keep checking back for your order and take a look at all the new bows available!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Savannah B! Here is your preview!

Savannah ordered TONS of bows! Her order was so big I threw in a free one as a "Thank You"! I hope you love your bows, they shipped out yesterday so expect them soon!

As a side note Savannah makes ADORABLE jewelry!! Click here to check out her stuff! She's also in my 'top friends'!

Sorry the picture is horrible but it is a super cute custom bow! Savannah sent me a picture of an outfit and let me make a bow! It is brown & turquoise and turned out adorable!
Another bow made to match a picture of an outfit! So cute!
Simple white bow! A must have for every princess!
Another must have bow!

Your big box of bows!!

I hope you like them!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We have Bow Bouquets!

Tina when you asked for this I had no idea what i was getting myself into, I am so glad you 'talked' me into it! Thanks for pushing my creativity and I hope you enjoy your custom Bellabowz Bouquet!

Medium Bouquet- 9 bows, 3 headbands in cute tin $ 50

This is a gift for a woman who is expecting her 4th baby girl! Crazy! I hope she loves it!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Orders Orders Everywhere...lots of posts so keep reading!

This was a huge weekend for Bellabowz! Not only did we complete 7 orders which only leaves only 8 to go but we also invoiced 11 more orders!! Yay for staying busy!!

Not all of the orders will be posted here but I promised Angela T. that I would post here when I got them done! So Angela I hope you love your bows!

Purple Dream bow $ 14

Brown & Pink Fun $ 14

Thank you so much for your order!! We appreciate your business!!

Takara M. your order is in!

I do custom orders all the time and this order is no exception to the rule "custom is always more fun"! Takara is an alumnae of West Virginia University and wanted her daughter to dress to impress at an upcoming game! I hope you love your one of a kind korker hair bows! I think they turned out super cute!!

Also, don't forget to send pictures of your sweetie in her trick or treat bow too!!

Custom Korkers on a large bow $ 12 for the pair!

More bows:)

Word of mouth and repeat customers is how I stay in business, customers like Jodi are the best! Not only has she purchased several custom orders from me, she has sent her friends!! Jodi your idea for a black and white bow is great! It turned out so well I made one for Bella and will now offer it to everyone!! Thanks so much for your business and one more referral and you earn your free bow!!

Trick or Treat bow $14 and selling fast! Get your order in today!!
Black & White $14

Pretty pretty princess tutu!

Stefanie F your custom tutu and headband are complete!! I hope your niece loves her princess tutu and she has a FABULOUS first birthday!!

Pretty Princess tutu with Daisy embellishment $16

Matching headband $ 8

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Another preview...

Many of the best ideas are inspirations from something else...that trend continues here at Bellabowz. Brandi our good friend and photographer wanted to take a picture of a baby in a bird bath. After too many glasses of wine and laughter later, I said, 'Why don't we dress Bella like a bird and do it". I also wanted to add 'worms' but that got vetoed.

The 'bird baby' shoot was one of Brandi's most unusual and surprisingly most popular. Visit her website for more pictures, but here is my favorite from the shoot.
A few weeks later I received an email and a new idea was formed. The peacock bow.

A mom was having her daughter's picture taken and saw the bow in the back of the idea was born. Cindi immediately ordered her own 'bird bow' plus many other custom creations! I hope you like your bows!

Maroon and white galore!! Go AGGIES!

Custom Halloween bow made to match your daughters dress!

Go LISD! I hope your husband has a successful season with all the support from your daughter!

Custom bows are my favorite and this order was super fun to finish! It is so great to see an idea come to fruition!

Order Preview!

Lots of custom orders in and almost complete! Here is the promised preview! If you see your order here then you know it has been made and shipped out!!

This is for Angie G!

Trick or Treat bow, Hot Pink Boutique, & custom made to match your outfit lilac & green!

Angie I hope you love your custom bows!

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