Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I know I know

I haven't posted in FOREVER! I promise...it will happen soon!

I am happy to announce I am averaging 13-16 orders a week!! That is A LOT of bows!! It is so lovely to have repeat customers! It makes my heart smile!!

I will be posting a montage of the over 40 Christmas bows that have flown out of here in the last month! It has been nuts...we've had fancy bows, metallic bows, everyday Christmas bows, crazy Christmas bows, and some that are simply cute! I've also had the great pleasure to make Cowboy's bows, camo bows, polk-a-dot madness bows and so much more!

For now Bellabowz is officially on break!! I will re-open with a rejuvenated creative flair and hopefully finished versions of the ideas floating around in my head...think giant felt flower bows, newborn stuff, smaller bows for bigger girls, updated myspace, completed website ( finally), posting of the new Bellabowz babies pictures i've received and a completely new spring line!

Plus I plan on finally making Bella some bows of her own! Poor kid...her mom makes bows and she goes bowless...so sad!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and we can't wait to get back to business in January!! Valentines Bow's will be posted early January so keep an eye out!!

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