Thursday, October 30, 2008


I'm so glad you contacted me about my fall bows! After doing some research you are right, there aren't many other options for fall bows, not just Halloween bows! Thanks for your order and I look forward to making your Christmas bows as well!

Falling for Fall bows $16 plus $2 for the headband!


Audie contacted me wanting the perfect first birthday tutu for her little princess! She is proof not all princess' like the traditional pastel pink and froof! Audie requested a more 'punk' tutu for her princess and I was happy to oblige!

There is nothing more punk than zebra, black, and hot pink!

It was so fun to make this twist on the usual first birthday gear! I hope you love your tutu and bow!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I do a lot of bows for photographers. They use them as props and cute accessories for their tiny princess clients. When Stephanie of Snell Photography contacted me I figured it would be what I was used to!

Boy was I wrong! Stephanie didn't need bows for photos, she needed bows for her very own princess. Stephanie's daughter wears uniforms to school, sad, plain, navy blue uniforms. Stephanie finally figured out a way to make her daughter stand out. The only rule on bows is it must have 'some navy' so she sent me instructions and let me get creative!

Stephanie I had a great time 'getting creative' with you and creating some super fun bows to make your princess standout from the rest! I hope you like your bows!

Navy with lime green...

Navy with hot pink...

Navy with animal prints!

The whole 'uniform' collection!

Thanks Stephanie and I look forward to working with you again soon!

The only good thing about being ...

related to the bow maker is free bows! Yep, the only advantage to having me as an aunt is my ability to make bows! Well that and I am super fun!

Sadly, more often than not being related to the bow maker offers no benefits because my nieces bows get pushed to the bottom of the list under the paying orders. This time their mom was smart and asked for Halloween bows in August! Well I just got them done but I hope you girls love your one of a kind, made especially for you, Bellabowz!

The girls like smaller bows...simple chic...not the usual Bellabow but I still love to make them!

Anything to make my youngest nieces happy! Happy Halloween C & B, I love you!


I hope you love your Bellabowz!

Audra is a repeat customer and her daughter has a soft spot in my heart! Her kidlet was born on the same day as Bel and weighed in at almost the exact same stats! Crazy! Since meeting her a few months ago we've figured out we have a lot more in common than just our girls!

Audra is hosing the first ever Bellabowz Bow Party next week! I can't wait to show some pictures of the event! Until then...your bows are in the mail but here are your previews!
Wild about bows! This super cute boutique bow is $14 and perfect for days your princess is feeling wild!

The whole order! Our new Christmas bow in black, Wild Bow, and signature 'Perfectly Pink' bow!

Black version of the Simple Red velvet bow in our Christmas Collection!

I'm looking forward to next week and can't wait to get some awesome pictures of Miss.K in her bows!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another happy Bellabowz Baby!

The mommy of this sweet baby girl approached me while Bel and I were at the zoo! I am so glad she felt the need to ask 'where i got my bows' and I gained another happy Bellabowz customer!

Thank you for your order and I look forward to making more bows for your tiny princess!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Christmas 2008

So in all the madness I am about a month late in releasing the Christmas Collection!

Here is the beginnings! There will be more added as I get time to create new stuff! Also, remember any custom Christmas bow will be $16 and can be as elaborate as you like!! Think marabou and rhinestones, fun centers, lots of layers, anything you want for one low price!!

So get your holiday dresses out and send me some pictures!! I LOVE custom bows!! Each bow is unique just for your princess!

The "Everyday Christmas" bow! It will match all those fun daytime Christmas outfits!

Another version of the "Everyday Christmas" bow! This bow has 3 different centers for you to choose from. The snowflake, Rudolph and not pictured is a present!

For the fancy Christmas dress! This is a simply chic velvet bow! It is also available in black velvet!

This one adds a little bit of 'sassy' to the simple red velvet bow! Perfect for the princess who needs to stand out!

This sweet mini bow is so cute! A petite 2 1/2 inches across it is great for the itty bitty babies but also perfect for the toddler with wispy hair to pull to the side!
Get this as a piggy pair set for $5.50!!

Be on the lookout for more additions to the Christmas collection!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And a new bird baby is born!

The bird bow has been a serious hit for Halloween! Just this past week I have had 2 requests for the tutu/bird bow set! Here is a picture of another happy Bellabowz baby courtesy of Renee Bynum Photography!

Thanks Renee for your order and I am glad you like your bows! If any of you need pictures in the Mississippi area please visit for more information on Renee!

Remember the peacock bow?

Yep, that crazy cool peacock bow turned out even better than I originally thought! Thanks to some GREAT pictures from www. you can see a fabulous idea come to fruition with the complete look, tutu and all!

Simply Beautiful!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


This is to let you all know I will no longer be offering 'sale' items on EBAY.

It is a VERY unfortunate thing because I like to be able to give everyone access to my bows, EBAY was a way for me to offer the Bellabowz quality at a potentially discounted price. Instead I have been burned one too many times by buyers.

The last 'straw' so to speak was a buyer who sent an email stating she received her items but wanted a refund because the package was damaged. I have no control over the postal service and it is ridiculous to think that i would be responsible for them losing or damaging items. C'est Le Vie.

So from now on there will be no more Ebay Sales. Please stay tuned for sales on our regular site.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


As predicted our Halloween Collection sold out sometime mid-September. I made an astounding amount of Trick or Treat and Candy Corn bows! A whopping 56 Halloween bows flew out of my studio!! 56, can you believe it??? I am SO EXTREMELY grateful for all the amazing customers I have met in the last few months!! You have made my passion for crafting a business and I cannot be more excited about what the future holds!
So in between the requests for the Trick or Treat bow ( our number 1 seller), spiders, and the candy corn mini's, I did get the chance to make a few custom Halloween bows! Some have already been posted but these are 2 my favorites!

A variation of the Candy Corn Mini bow. A little bit bigger and a lot more full!!

Falling for Fall $16

This bow is still available and is great for all those fall outfits and Thanksgiving Day!

Side view!! Super fun!!

Keep on the lookout for the launch of our Christmas Collection!! I can't wait to release it!! Also, if you would like to see something in particular then please message me and I can see what I can do!


Basically, Amanda send me an email with the 'theme' for her daughters birthday party! She wanted a 'foofy' tutu and a bowband. Her request for the bow was not big but not 'wimpy'. Amanda, I hope you love your Bellabowz Birthday Set!

I had a pleasure working with you and can't wait to help custom make a Christmas bow for your princess!

Bellabowz Birthday set $25

Get the bow only for $12 (3 layer boutique bow)


Oh Jenny, its perfect!!! Thank you so much! Praying for your Dad and your family during these difficult times.

Amanda F.
Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord ...Psalm 127:3


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