Wednesday, February 4, 2009

And some more Valentine's bows!

How fun are these? I am almost out of ribbon so get your orders in!

This one is super funky and turned out very cute! I REALLY like the addition of tulle and yarn for a funky feel!

Super sweet and simple..

This is a hat that is for sale on ebay.

I purchased the hat thinking our new baby was a girl and it would have been perfect for her but since she turned into a Pierce at our last ultrasound, I decided to make a cute valentine's bow and attach it to it! Now my loss is your gain! It will be a quick auction so ACT FAST! This is one of a kind!

Monday, February 2, 2009

More Valentine's bows!

Thank You Thank You Thank You for the overwhelming response to the Valentine's special! Since I am 'caught up' and feeling creative I got some orders knocked out already! Here is a sneak peak!

A special request V-day tutu was a fun creative outlet! I LOVED making it so much I am offering it too! Get a tutu with matching bow and hair bow for $35 + shipping!! You pick the ribbon and colors of tutu ( up to 3) and I'll get it shipped out by Friday!! Now that is a steal!!

Keep those orders coming!!

Pageant Bow!

I have never made a bow for a pageant before but I was so excited to take on the challenge for Chelsey of Shining Beauties Pageants!

I REALLY hope you love your bow! I think it is a winner!

I heart you!

So I am officially back in business! I haven't had a chance to post my Valentine's bows because they are selling before I can get them made! Great news! So if you want a Valentine's bow they will ALL BE CUSTOM! Why? Because that is what you asked for!

All Valentine's bows will be $10 + shipping! It will include all the 'froof' you could ask for plus a headband if you need it! Once the ribbon is gone then so is this offer so hurry and get your order in TODAY!!

Here are some samples I sent out last week:)

And a picture of super cute 'Madeline' modeling her custom V-Day bow!
And you can get piggy's for this price too! Here is Bella in her heart ribbon with marabou piggy bows for an idea!

Beautiful Valentine's pictures by! Go check her out!!

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